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What my Clients Say and in tune to the nuances of design. Great insight.

Soha Omar
Founder & Lead Architect

The Foundry Design Studio

....It was a vital discussion that helped push the project from a conceptual vision to one that is ready to be executed.

Shahenda El Sayem,

Ismail listened carefully to every detail and gave the best advice based on his broad exposure, knowledge, and experience....... perfectly filling every tiny gap

Farah El Abd
Founder & Lead Designer
Teal Studio

.....comments are to the point and very clear....

Nedal Badr
Founder & Lead Architect

Design Zone Studio

Made possible by providing insight through various phases and typologies of design projects. 

Employing design knowledge and a deep understanding of trends, consumer psychology, and user experience, we guide your design team into directions that optimize your next project and at times, revive even old ones!

Our consultancy service has become quite flexible to not only cater to super industrial clients. Now smaller brands and solopreneurs can benefit from the new insightful 1-hour online consultancy sessions and use them as a way to validate and develop their ideas.


'I believe in a world where design consciously enhances the human experience, and it's my life's mission to elevate lifestyles through design.​'



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